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 A matter of heart




Acquisition of a PET/CT :
To detect cardiovascular diseases more quickly. 


The PET/CT or Positron Emission Tomography scanner would allow us to provide a diagnosis in a non-invasive manner, and to detect cardiovascular diseases more quickly in the very early stages. In addition, the PET/CT would foster the advancement of research and development at the Montreal Heart Institute.

Advantages associated with the acquisition of a PET/CT:
Early and preventive detection of heart disease in the most-at-risk clients;
Reduction in the amount of time required for tests and in the inherent costs (1 hour instead of 48 hours);
• Significant reduction in the radiation dose for the patients;
• Non-painful, non-toxic injection without any allergic reaction;
• Reduction in the risk associated with a medical isotope shortage;
• Keeping the Montreal Heart Institute in the forefront of technological advancement.

Thank you !